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Beauty care

At CM Beauty Body & Balance, I focus on YOUR needs. Beauty care can cover several forms of treatment, all of which help to increase your sense of well-being, whether it's facial care or beautifying your brows and lashes. Here at the clinic, hair removal with wax is also offered for both men and women. Removing unwanted hair growth also contributes to increased well-being. When we do something good for ourselves, it is also easier to be enoughone for others.

JI work with and sell products from the brandEtre Belle, which means "to be beautiful"It is a German professional brand used only in skin care clinics. I have worked with them for many years, they are reliable products at a reasonable price and at the same time they are easy to use.I believe that you go the furthest with good daily basic care. You can always get advice and guidance on which products suit your specific needs.

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